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Commissioning (Cx)

Commissioning for Existing Buildings (sometimes referred to as retro-commissioning) is a systematic process for investigating, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of building systems by improving their operation and maintenance to ensure their continued performance over time. This process helps make the building systems perform interactively to meet the current facility requirements.


SET Environmental performs this service to ensure that our client's facilities are operating at peak efficiency.  Our commisioning agents work with building operating personnel to create a healthy, productive and safe indoor environment that complies with evolving energy legislation.

Our Commissioning experts are active Members of the Building Commissioning Association and follow the BCA guidelines:

  • Verify that a facility and its systems meet the CFR
  • Improve building performance by saving energy and reducing operational costs
  • Identify and resolve building system operation, control and maintenance problems
  • Reduce or eliminate occupant complaints and increase tenant satisfaction
  • Improve indoor environmental comfort and quality and reduce associated liability
  • Document system operation
  • Identify the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) personnel training needs
  • Minimize operational risk and increase asset value
  • Extend equipment life-cycle
  • Ensure the persistence of improvements over the building’s life
  • Assist in achieving LEED for Existing Buildings
  • Improve the building’s ENERGY STAR rating
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